Call for Innovation Talents and Entrepreneurs

Call for Innovation Talents and Entrepreneurs

9/2/2020 12:00:00 AM

The one of the largest innovations and entrepreneurship awards in the world – the China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (the Competition) is back in 2020. The 6th edition of the Competition is open to register.

The Competition is hosted by the Ministry of Education of China that has been successfully held five times since 2015, and has become the world’s largest innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students. In 2019, the Competition drew 4.57 million participants (1.09 million teams) from 4,093 colleges and universities in 124 countries and regions. Over 1,000 professionals were invited to judge the Competition and mentor the participants, among whom were investors, entrepreneurs, start-up incubator mentors, and innovation and entrepreneurship education experts from China and abroad. Many high-quality projects stood out, gaining market visibility and investment.



TusPark UK as the co-organiser of the international track of the 4th and 5th of the Competition was awarded the “Best Co-organiser” for two consecutive years. Over a hundred projects were delivered by TusPark UK, and 3 of projects won the golden award (read more: 4th, 5th). This year, TusPark UK was entrusted as co-organiser of international track of 6th of Competition to invite young people who are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship across the world. This year’s finals and award ceremony will be held in Guangzhou, China in November 2020.

Participants must register at If the project register for the Competition through the international track, please fill TUSPARK UK as the recommended institutions/units in the application.

Schedule of the Competiton 
Deadline of Registration: 15th September 2020 (Beijing time, UTC+8).


Qualification of Application
Projects entered should involve innovative ideas, technologies, products, or business models, give consideration to the major problems or challenges of humanity, and have clear entrepreneurial plans. All members of an international ream should be students currently studying at a college/university outside of China, or graduated from a college/university outside of China within 5 years. If the project has a registered company, then the team leader should hold at least 10% of the company share, and all members registered in the competition should hold more than 1/3 of the company share.

Eligibility and Category
This Competition only accepts team entries. All participants must enter in teams of 2 to 15 people (team leader included). A team may be formed by members from more than one college/university. All entrants must be core members of the project. All participants must be students who are currently enrolled at a foreign college/university or those who have graduated within the past 5 years. The application should be submitted by the leader of the participating team.

All projects will be divided into three categories: Ideation (Creativity) Category, Start-up (Emerging Project) Category, and Growth (Rising Project) Category, according to their features. Requirements for each category are as follows:

·  Ideation (Creativity) Category

Projects that:

Ø  are creative;

Ø  have mature product prototypes or service models;

Ø  had not been registered on or before May 31, 2020.

·  Start-up (Emerging Project) Category

Projects that:

Ø  were registered within the past three years (after March 1, 2017);

Ø  have completed no more than one round of equity investment.

·  Growth (Rising Project) Category

Projects that:

Ø  have been registered for over three years (prior to March 1, 2017); Or

Ø  were registered within the past three years (after March1,2017), have completed two or more rounds of equity investment.

Competition Rules and Awards
International entries will be called for through Chinese colleges, universities and co-organisers of the Competition. A total of 400 projects will be selected to enter the higher education track finals, among which 100 projects will be selected through online judging to enter the finals live competition.



The winners will be presented with an award certificate, as well as be provided with assistance in finding investment and incubators. The first, second and third place teams of the main track will be awarded cash prize, which would be up to 1 million RMB.

Notes for Participant:

Ø  All teams should submit a project presentation file (PPT format), a business plan (PDF/Word format), or a one-minute video as supplement material.

Ø  The organising committee will, provided that air travel returns to normal, cover the air travel expenses (round-trip economy class) for two members from each of the 100 finalist teams and the accommodation expenses for all 100 finalist teams.

Ø  For detailed information on the judging rules and criteria of the Competition, please visit or

Ø  The organising committee of the China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition reserves the right to make the final interpretation of all terms.

If you should have any questions, please contact