To Youth Who Love AI: We Are Waiting for You

To Youth Who Love AI: We Are Waiting for You

7/24/2020 12:00:00 AM


The 1st Global Youth Turing Program open to register on 22nd, July, 2020. The theme of this programme is “The World Awaits You - Future Turing” . this programme will last three months programme (July to October), aiming to discovering and nurturing talented youth to accelerate the worldwide development in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The Global Youth Turing Program is a commonweal programme initiated by the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and co-organized by Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence of Renmin University of China (RUC), the High School Affiliated of RUC, and RUC Culture and Science Park. Scholarships, masterclasses, reference letters from domain experts, etc. will be offered at the end of programme.

The program faces to teenagers worldwide, committed to discovering and cultivating students for the development of cutting-edge technologies such as AI+, providing multifaceted support from offering advanced courses to helping business idea and start-ups.


Schedule of the Programme




If you are interested in joining this programme, please feel free to contact us:



About Organisers:

Zhongguancun is the first high-tech park in the China that becomes the largest technology hub in China. It has gathered over 20,000 high and new-tech enterprises, represented by Lenovo and Baidu, and has formed a high and new-tech industrial cluster featuring electronic information, biomedicine, energy and environmental protection, new materials, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, R&D and service. Today, the number of listed companies in the zone adds up to 189, comprising of 113 domestic and 76 overseas companies. As many as 38 enterprises have been listed on the Chinese Growth Enterprise Market. Zhongguancun establishes a national S&T financial innovation centre that involves government and social funds, industrial and financial capital, and direct and indirect finances.

Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence (GSAI) is an official school affiliated to Renmin University of China (RUC). It is aiming to become a top school that can influence and shape the era of AI. Besides advancing AI theory and technology, GSAI is dedicated to bringing together AI and humanities, and exploring an “intelligent and warm” future for the world. Responsible for the construction of AI discipline and correlative cross disciplines in Renmin University, GSAI is going to innovate a world-class academic system, build a world-class faculty team, cultivate world-class students, and produce world-class research results.

Renmin University of China is the first comprehensive research university established by the People’s Republic of China. Its predecessor was Shanbei Public School, founded in 1937. With nine first-tier disciplines ranking No. 1 nationwide, Renmin University is well placed to become an influential leader in the Chinese humanities and social sciences.